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Real property matters

Contracts of sale and purchase, exchange, lease agreements and other agreements relating to real properties, preparation of the deed of foundation and regulations of condominiums and the amendment thereto, proceedings with the land offices. Complete arrangement of the acquisition of real property by foreigners.
Our office has joined the TAKARNET System, with the help of which the up-to-date data of the land offices are available to our office on a continuous basis.

Business associations, non-for-profit organisations

Full-range providing for the legal tasks relating to the foundation and transformation of business associations, to the amendment to the data of companies, to the increase and reduction of capital, final accounting and liquidation, including the proceedings with the court of registration as well as consulting in company matters.
Incorporation of non-for-profit companies, foundations, associations and other social organisations, amendment to their data and the representation thereof.
Our office has joined the National System of Company Registration and Company Information, with the help of which the up-to-date data of companies are available to our office.

Commercial law

Preparation of commercial contracts, contracts for domestic and international supply, commission, franchise, agency, forwarding and transportation. Transactions of financing. Representation in domestic and international commercial disputes.

Preparation of civil law contracts

Preparation of contracts of sale and purchase, supply, entrepreneurial contracts, contracts for execution in the construction industry, production contracts, research, loan, assignment agreements, contracts on the assumption of debt, collateral, lease, agency, commission, gift and support contracts.

Activity relating to labour law

Consulting in labour affairs, preparation of employment agreements and the amendment thereto, drafting of notices of termination, enforcement of claims for damages and other claims in labour law.

Matters of family law and inheritance

Preparation of marriage and inheritance agreements, testaments, affairs of divorce and related matters of the custody of children, division of the spouses’ joint property. Consulting and representation in matters of inheritance and estate.


Representation in and out of court for business associations and private individuals in all matters covered by the scope of activities of our office.
Arrangement of the matters of business associations and institutions even on the basis of a permanent agency.


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